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Country Boundaries Layer
Human Settlement Layer
Protected Areas Layer
CCI Landcover
Fire Danger Forecast (1 day forecast) ECMWF (8 km res.) NASA Geos-5
FWI - Fire Weather Index (FWI)
FWI - Initial Spread Index (ISI)
FWI - Build Up Index (BUI)
FWI - Fine Fuel Moisture Code (FFMC)
FWI - Duff Moisture Code (DMC)
FWI - Drought Code (DC)
FWI - Anomaly -
FWI - Ranking -
KBDI - Keetch-Byron Drought Index -
MARK-5 - Drought Factor (MARK-5 DF) -
MARK-5 - Rate of Spread (MARK-5 ROS) -
MARK-5 - Fire Danger Index (MARK-5 FDI) -
NFDRS - Rate of Spread (NFDRS ROS) -
NFDRS - Spread Component (NFDRS SC) -
NFDRS - Energy Release Component (NFDRS ERC) -
NFDRS - Burning Index (NFDRS BI) -
NFDRS - Ignition Probability (NFDRS IC) -
Lightning Forecast (1 day forecast)
Active Fires MODIS VIIRS
Last 1 day layer
Last 7 days layer
Last 30 days layer
Fire Season layer
Last 1 day layer
Last 7 days layer
Last 30 days layer
Fire Season layer
Fire Emissions (Last 7 days layer)
Black Carbon
Carbon Dioxide
Carbon Monoxide
Solfur Dioxide
Nitogen Oxides
Organic Carbon
Particulate Matter
Non-Methane Hydro-Carbon
Total Carbon in Aerosols

ECMWF – Fire Danger Forecast Reanalysis

ECMWF – Fire Danger Forecast Reanalysis uses weather forecast from ERA-Interim as a forcing. The dataset extends from 1980 to date and is updated once a month when new ERA-Interim fields become available. Full information about the data can be found in the paper:
Francesca Di Giuseppe, Florian Pappenberger, Fredrik Wetterhall, Blazej Krzeminski, Andrea Camia, Giorgio Libertá, Jesus San Miguell: The potential predictability of fire danger provided by weather forecast.Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology,55,2469-2491 (2016)

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