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Support to Wildfire Management in Latin American, Amazonian and Caribbean Countries (LAC) Project:


Iniciativa FPI

Support to Wildfire Management in LAC - (FPI Initiative 2020-2023)


The FPI initiative builds on more than 20 years of collaboration in fire management and the development of fire information systems in the pan-European region. The main objective has been to collaborate with stakeholders in Latin America and the Caribbean towards a strategic, targeted and comprehensive approach to managing forest fires in the region. This initiative was conceived in 2020 and contributed to the establishment of the European Group of Experts on Forest Fires (GEFF LAC), the purpose of which has been to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and best practices on forest fire management among project member countries. The continuity of this project in the Amazonia Plus Programme will be ensured through the International Partnerships (International Partnerships/INTPA) department. 

Iniciativa FPI

Support to Wildfire Management in LAC - (Amazonia Plus Programme 2023-2027)


The Amazonia Plus Programme is part of the Team Europe Initiative (TEI) to support the development of environmental measures in the Amazon region with the aim of reducing forest degradation and deforestation, minimising the environmental impact caused by fires, and integrating indigenous peoples and their knowledge of these issues into environmental management. The Joint European Research Centre/JRC will be responsible for scientific and academic cooperation activities related to the COPERNICUS programme.


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