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Statements defined in the Support to Wildfire Management in LAC project





1. Contribution to the design and development of the Global Wildland Fire Information System (GWIS) and other regional platforms.


2. Contribution to the harmonisation of data/information in the GWIS database and other national and regional platforms.


3. Contribution to the improvement of fire prevention, preparedness and response at LAC region level.


4. Contribution to sustainable forest management and information exchange to increase forest resilience. 


5. Contribution to the design and use of information in GWIS, exchange of information on lessons learned on the full fire cycle, from prevention to restoration, including discussion and publication of good fire prevention practices. 


6. Contribution and elaboration of an annual report on fires in the LAC region. 





1. Through the use of GWIS, historical and near real-time information on forest fires can be acquired at regional, national and sub-national levels. 

2. Access to harmonized and live data related to wildfire management and monitoring. 


3. The compatibility and interoperability of GWIS with national LAC systems makes it a flexible and adaptable tool for acquiring early warning and monitoring methodologies for forest fires and supporting regional policies in each country.


4. Access an established network of national fire experts to improve national and international wildfire management and monitoring capacity.