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Statements defined in the Support to Wildfire Management in LAC project

Challenges/Ongoing developments


1. The need to harmonise information from the different fire information systems in each country.


2. Stronger and better coordinated actions to protect forest and society against wildfires.


3. The availability of global meteorological data on the exposure and vulnerability of affected and potentially affected areas.


4. Replicate the success of the collaboration in the pan-European Expert Group on Forest Fires in the Amazonian, Latin American and Caribbean region.


5. Consolidate the GEFF LAC in collaboration with fire experts in the countries and international organizations such as UN FAO, UNEP and Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO).


6. Promote collaboration on wildfire management among countries, international organizations and interested agencies in the LAC region.


7. Further develop a Global Wildfire Information System to enable support to regional and global fire management policies in collaboration with experts in the countries and partners.




1. Improve the capacities of the eight countries of the Amazon Basin (Colombia, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Suriname and Venezuela) to mitigate CO2 emissions, adapt to the effects of climate change and significantly reduce deforestation and damage created by forest fires. 


2. Improve fire related policies at national and regional levels.


3. Ensure the exchange of knowledge and best practices of the GEFF LAC.


4. Establish cooperation with fire management services of countries and organisations operating in the region by providing evidence for policies.


5. Contribution to the harmonisation of data/information in the GWIS database.


6. Continues development and improvement of the GWIS database and portal.


7. Contribution to improved fire prevention, preparedness and response